Workflow Solutions

Enable lean IT by automating your business processes.

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Build responsive web forms and workflows.

Integrate with almost any ERP, CRM, or PLM platform.

Deploy and manage solutions for your entire organization.

Why use it?

Winshuttle’s workflow solutions help you accelerate LEAN IT initiatives (paper reduction, system integration, data re-entry, ERP, PLM, CRM front-end pages) to reduce cost and increase profitable new sales.

  • Responsive Display: Any form built with Winshuttle can be rendered on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops, without requiring modification.
  • Cross-Browser Support: Forms can be authored and rendered in all modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
  • Single Authoring Environment: Authors use a single, integrated design environment to create the entire solution, including UI, workflow, validation rules, and data connectivity.

Winshuttle combines ERP, CRM and/or PLM integration with rapid development and deployment for a forms and workflow package that gives non-developers the power to build solutions for accelerating and optimizing your business. Winshuttle’s integrated design environment and one-click deployment model mean shorter development times, fewer testing cycles, and quicker time to value.

Responsive Display

Responsive Display

What can it do?

Winshuttle solutions are browser-based, allowing you to build webforms and workflow solutions that can be tightly coupled with most any database, system, ERP, CRM and or PLM platform to accelerate business process innovation. Usability and time to value are the key benefits with features such as:

  • Easy-to-use workflow modeling and tightly integrated forms designer
  • Smart integration to ERP, CRM, PLM and other backend systems
  • HTML5 forms with responsive design and cross-browser compatibility to support mobile, tablet and desktop environments.
  • Solution lifecycle management for enterprise wide deployment support

Form Layout for Multi-Device Support

Form Layout for Multi-Device Support

What can it do?

A server-based application accessible through a web browser, Winshuttle provides a flexible authoring environment for building applications that connect structured transactional data stored within ERP, CRM, PLM and other enterprise systems with the unstructured information and processes that underlie all business processes. This direct interaction enables companies to reduce operational costs and increase business process agility via automation and increased data accuracy. Winshuttle software comes with governance and administration capabilities to store and govern the forms that users create.


  • Composer: Accelerate ERP business process innovation with responsive design, cross-browser support and a single authoring environment. Ease of use for development and intuitive interface for the end users.
  • Dashboards: Create KPI dashboards for performance monitoring your business processes and report against service-level agreements (SLAs). Perform bottleneck analysis and identify areas for ongoing process improvements.
  • Forms library: Access a comprehensive and verifiable audit trail of processes, participants and data.
  • Workflow Engine with Swimlane Design Canvas: Model business processes and role-based workflows using an intuitive graphical design surface, supporting both parallel and serial flows. Customize notifications with due dates, escalations and out-of-office delegations.



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